2017-07-02 11:13:29 by Daru925

Did some grave digging in my old dusty computer. Found that cartoon i drew back in 2003, and plenty of random pictures and music tracks.  Good times, fruityloops 3.56 "newbiness" ^^ 
I had imagined the whole parody with every bosses, but never went past those 2 sheets. I guess you'd enjoy Vulcan Ramen, Revolver oldsl*t, and Mister Malheur... Maybe someday!

If you (really) need le them. 



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2017-07-02 11:22:55

Oooh, that was quite hilarious. :D

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Daru925 responds:

Merci, je jetterais un oeil Splorch!


2017-08-13 02:37:21

Oh -- I've got a comic on my newsposts which I imagine you'd like to see. ^_-